What will YOUR second half look like ?

What WILL your second half look like ?







I was moved when I saw this ad with Clint Eastwood during the Superbowl on Sunday.

If you missed it…here it is……

The ad has been making waves for its perceived political stance since it touts the  auto-industry’s comeback, and therefore implies endorsement of President Obama’s auto-industry bailout.  No matter what your political views….I think the message was good, and was important.   It was a stark reminder of the fact that we are living in a different time now.  People are struggling, being downsized, scrapping for good, affordable healthcare, and worrying about their retirement, while at the same time worrying about their childrens’ educations.   Even through the reminder…It was a message of HOPE, and a message about growth, our future and the spirit of America. Just today I saw on the news that American Airlines (the nations 3rd largest airline) plans to eliminate about 13,000 jobs — 15 percent of its workforce, under bankruptcy protection.  This also means they are looking to cut pensions for retired workers.  Meaning….someone who has paid a percentage of his/her check…every month….for 20, 30, 40 years….towards pension and healthcare…will have paid that for nothing….POOF….gone in an instant.

How will we all respond ? Will we continue to go with the flow ? What are each of us doing to ensure our outcome is different?  IF this is half-time….

What WILL your second half look like ?

We all have choices….to vote, have our voices heard, join a gym, eat better, get more sleep, get up earlier, choose who we surround ourselves with, exercise, spend more time with family, and work smarter….not harder.  How will you make the necessary changes ? It’s just food for thought: What will your second half look like ??

To your second-half success !!

2 thoughts on “What will YOUR second half look like ?

  1. love that Michelle….we ALL have a chance to re-group, re-focus and make things happen in the 2nd half….and if by chance you had a great first half…..well awesome….take the time out to re-energize and get out there and do it all again, and harder.
    thanks for sharing!
    Micki Lessard recently posted..can humans learn from wolves?

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