Warm up your COLD lunch today!

It got cold here today! Who doesn’t crave COMFORT food when that happens? Or at the least…WARM food, right ? In a hurry (taking my lunch break)….but sharing a quick, healthy  “lunch-at-your-desk” tip for today!  Remember when I said….get prepared on Sundays?  This lunch consists of the Quinoa salad I made last weekend (keeps in fridge all week, as long as you don’t add tomatoes!), a quick romaine salad….and the “warming” agent for this cold day…. is… Naan! It’s traditionally an Indian staple…butScreen Shot 2013-10-11 at 11.22.41 AM

but something I like to warm up and eat with almost anything.  For this cold day…….I warmed my quinoa salad, added a lettuce salad and an otherwise cold lunch, was quickly comfort food with my garlic naan!

Simply warm in pan with a tiny bit of olive oil (or not), for just a few minutes!

This is warm, “lunch at your desk” for any busy professional, at home or in the workplace (you can also warm naan in the microwave!)  Gotta’ LOVE quick, healthy but still warm !
ok….back to work….:)








Happy comfort eating!

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