Busy Work at Home Moms: No time for lunch?

Busy Work at Home Moms… (or anyone really!) No time for lunch?

I hear ya! I used to skip lunch because my kids were HOME with me
all the time! Now….I skip lunch because they are GONE all day, and I feel the need to pack everything possible into the hours they are gone!

Work at home Moms ….

Can you relate? Back Camera What I have learned in years of working from home….is that 1) you have to get organized! and
2) you have to take care of yourself to be productive

and profitable! 🙂  I thought I would share my 3 favorite, “throw -together” lunches! Nothing fancy….just quick and heathy!

photo 11- Quinoa/rice stir fry. I keep quinoa and brown rice (made up on the weekend, or cheat with Costco’s frozen organic, microwavable option) in the fridge.  Then….throw in whatever you have….broccoli, leftover chicken, peppers, and you’re done.  (sesame oil is awesome with this!)

2- Some days are just smoothie days….:)

photo copy 2

The key is to add “green stuff” for the lunch version.  In the


vitamix….I put tomatoes, blueberries, watermelon, kale, peppers, flax seeds, cucumber, ice, and a little worcestershire, and seasonings….it’s soooo good and very filling !

3) Your favorite nut butter, fruit spread, and smear of cream cheese….rolled up in the tortilla of your choice!  Covers all the food groups….grain, protein, fruit….and sustains you for hours!! (no photo of that one…sorry!)

Ok….so again, whether you are a work at home mom, a student, or a busy professional and you think there is no time for lunch….FEED yourself when you are at home….but don’t graze all day….just give yourself what you need to be productive !!

Go BUSY work at home moms….you can do it !!

To your success!