Thoughts on “How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals”

I was first introduced to Robin Sharma and his book, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari, over 10 years ago, and since then…I have read his books and followed his teachings, and find him to be one of the most insightful, smart and disciplined leaders out there.  I found this latest video….to be the MOST REAL and insightful so far!   I really enjoyed it (actually took a ton of notes while watching it) and I hope you get as much out of it as I did !

My favorite quote from this clip….. “you are ONE choice away from your BEST life!”

How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Motivation is a funny thing….it’s like breakfast….it wears off, and we
have to have it daily!  Reaching your goals can seem so distant sometimes, but
the key is to take DAILY, sometimes invisible steps toward them!

I believe in you….but more importantly…..YOU need to believe in you, to achieve your
biggest goals!

To your un-ending success!!