Rules for the Remarkable

Rules for the remarkable

Motivation is like food…we need both, on a regular basis! We need to feed ourselves daily; nutritionally….as well as motivationally ! I just wanted to share one of my favorite authors, Robin Sharma, and his ‘Rules for the Remarkable’.


Reflecting on what’s most important. For leadership. Business excellence. Human exceptionalism. Let’s build a better organization/life/world!! Enjoy and pass it on !

1. Give more than you take.

2. Be the most optimistic person you know.

3. Remember that manners matter.

4. If you’re not innovating, you’re on a descent into obsolescence.

5. Your work and personal life reflect your standards and self-worth.

6. Doing your best work is a core secret of sustained happiness. We spend most of our lives at work so why not aim for genius at it?

7. Business is about relationships. And if you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.

8. Every moment in front of a customer is an opportunity to express your most important values. And to make a difference (another of the truths of happiness).

9. See your work as a craft, not just a job. And practice every day.

10. Remember, your physical fitness is directly tied to how successful you are at work.

11. Remember that whether you’re building a business or growing a family, you’re a creative artist.

12. Be the first to greet others vs waiting to be greeted (I learned this one from Nelson Mandela)

13. Use the language of leadership vs the phrases of victims (like “there’s a problem here” or “I have some bad news” or “I’m in trouble” or “this will never work” or “I’m always tired”).

14. Refuse to allow any form of mediocrity into any touchpoint of your life.

15. Enjoy possessions but don’t be owned by them.

16. Remember that blaming others is excusing yourself.

17. The fears you don’t face become your chains. (And every fear you embrace causes growth in your confidence and personal power…my new book “The Secret Letters from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” is all about how to achieve this).

18. A problem’s only a problem if you choose to process it as a problem.

19. Honor excellence.

20. Pursue beauty.

21. Appreciate firefighters, teachers and mothers… the real heroes of this world versus reality show celebrities who make fortunes in their race to the bottom.

22. Inspire your teammates.

23. Work harder than is common.

24. Make today’s work better than yesterday’s.

25. To double your income, triple your rate of learning (and personal growth).

26. Use your life to have an Impact… while you create a gorgeous lifestyle for yourself and those you love.

Rules for the remarkable…To your unending success!

10 thoughts on “Rules for the Remarkable

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  2. You need to cite your sources. You did not create those rules. They are from Robin Sharma. Posting someone else’s content as your own is plagarism.

    • Hi tanya….in case you missed it…I DID give Robin Sharma credit in the first paragraph ! Of course I did not write them, and of course I gave him the proper credit, he’s one of my favorite authors. Perhaps you did not read my first paragraph? It’s ok…you’re busy and probably just missed it ! 🙂

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