Patience When Working from Home

Starting the day with PATIENCE when working from home….

As I start my day today as a ‘work at home mom’, I think about the possibilities.  There is some reflection on yesterday, and what to improve upon….and then on to the “to-do” list for today. My 4 children are home for summer break and my husband is away caring for an ailing parent. Although I have worked from for many years now, the challenges of the day easily start to creep in while staring at the list.  (I am guessing most all of you can identify?)  Then I was reminded of something I read a few months back….by one of my favorite authors, regarding patience and pomegranates.   It originally caught my attention because 1) I love pomegranates, and 2) who can’t use more patience?   The following article by Robin Sharma is short and  started my day on a great foot, I hope you enjoy as well !

Was at my parents’ home the other night. Beautiful/decent/wise people… who I deeply appreciate. Whenever I go over, the fridge always seems to contain plastic containers full of pomegranate seeds. These little treasures are super healthy, fantastically tasty and overall pleasures that elevate life. I never really thought about where they came from. Just ate them.

This morning I was saying good morning to my Mom on the phone. Got onto the topic of pomegranate seeds because I’d dropped off a brilliant device I’ve discovered for getting the seeds out of the fruit without the achingly painstakingly complex process of doing it by hand (try it once and you’ll get what I mean). Mom: “I’ll try it but your Dad takes out all those seeds for me himself every night. He knows we love them. So quietly, he does this for us.”

As I write, I reflect on my father’s patience. And on the metaphor of pomegranate seeds. Much goes through my mind as I think about this. One thing is the power of patience. In a world gone hyperSpeed, patience is a stunning success behavior. My Dad’s patience in doing something kind+thoughtful+loving for his loved ones. The patience of an entrepreneur toiling in solitude, advancing a dream that nobody gets. The patience of a teacher developing young minds amid fewer resources. The patience of a leader, building an organization that delivers awesome value for the people it’s blessed to serve.

Not sure if I’m making my point clearly. I’ll reflect on it more over the days that come. But patience truly is a virtue. Of the finest of leaders. And the very best of Dad’s.~RS

Another thought on how patience when working from home can be gained….

I lived in Spain for a year during college, and 2 things about that….are really applicable here.  Granada, Spain was named after the Pomegranate, and I can tell you the people there are more patient for some reason…(hmmm?)  AND….when you live in a country where they truly enjoy each day….it does teach you more patience, which we easily forget as life gets busier.  I am not saying we should all move to a slower paced country, but we can each adopt some of those “pomegranate removal” principles.

Whether you are just starting your work at home day today, teaching a child to ride a bike, or searching through the multitude of home business ideas for women today, I hope you remember patience when working from home as if you were carefully removing seeds from the pomegranate fruit.

To your success~

12 thoughts on “Patience When Working from Home

  1. What a great story! Patience is definitely something I try to work on for myself, as well as try to teach my own 4 children, each and every single day! I think it’s a continuous effort! Some days are definitely easier then others!

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  3. I thought I had all the patience I needed until my daughter turned 2! LOL I always try to push, grow, excel and that feels urgent, but I have to always remind myself that good things will come to those who continually work hard. It doesn’t have to be at hyper speed! PATIENCE HEATHER 🙂

  4. Patience is a virtue for sure and adding children to the mix it sometimes tends to get tested on a daily basis. It’s a great quality to have and improve, everyday and in every way. Thanks Michelle

  5. Michelle-

    What a wonderful reminder of one of the most important qualities an entrepreneur (and a mother!) must excel at… patience. Patience is indeed a stunning success behavior. It is critical in every aspect… having patience in the daily details and having patience while working towards your visions will help keep you moving effectively and efficiently through all that needs to be done.

    Thanks for such a great post!

    Christine Ross recently posted..A Simple Exercise that will Change Your Life

  6. Great article! Sometimes it’s hard to remain patient when you don’t have that time on the way to the office to unwind from the home life, nor the commute home to unwind from work. I try to take a walk after I finish homeschooling so that I can clear my head.

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  9. Love this post! This is so true. I was always very impatient until I met my darling husband. He’s taught me too be patient. He always said with patience comes success along with everything else. He’s so right. But of course having your own home based business it’s all about patience as well. Thanks for sharing Michelle.

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