Overwhelmed… to Peace of Mind

With a 2 year old and 10 month old twins, Michelle and her husband Bob, were  more than overwhelmed.

“Not only were we exhausted, Bob was downsized at his job, causing his income to be cut in half,” says Michelle.

At that time, Michelle was online in a chat room trying to find advice to get her twins to sleep. That was when she stumbled upon this business.

“As I was looking, I saw an ad to work at home. I found it intriguing, yet I was extremely doubtful. I had done a home business promoting skin care and cosmetics for a very brief time. I did not find success doing that. The inventory was expensive and I just didn’t enjoy doing parties. I had also spent $50 to get information about another business online, and sadly lost my money without even getting the details.”

Even though Michelle’s experiences with home businesses were not positive, what she saw in that ad, did excite her. With that said, she went ahead and decided to get all the information…and not be overwhelmed.

“After I got all of my questions answered, to my surprise it all made perfect sense and there was no risk to trying,” Michelle says.

“Our biggest monthly check so far, was over $16,000.

We have earned almost a half a million dollars so far with our business. What’s even better is that we have a secure, consistent, monthly residual income, that continues to grow. Words cannot describe the peace in knowing that we have a secure, reliable monthly income.”

Michelle and Bob now have 4 children and this business has allowed them the time to enjoy every minute of their lives.

“Having the ability to work around our children’s schedules, knowing we can take time off if we need to, being able to put our children in extracurricular activities, is something we are forever grateful for,” says Michelle. “And just to add, with this business we are able to follow our passion of helping others to achieve their goals. Thanks to this business, we are really making a difference in the lives of others.”


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