Happy New Year (a few days late!)

ok….so I know it’s January 10th ! However…I wanted to share a quick personal video to kick off this year’s posts!

alright….so you know one of my favorite authors is Robin Sharma, right?!  So here is the link I told you about.  It’s a link to a 3 part video that my partner Nicole sent me today….(I just LOVED it !!) and  it’s ALL about instilling some new habits, especially as it relates to being more productive and getting up early! I’m so excited for a fresh start to this year…and I encourage you to take some time to really think about  how you can be most productive and happy this year.

Enjoy !!!   

To your un-ending productivity in 2012 !!!!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year (a few days late!)

  1. Thanks for the post and link to Robin’s Video Michelle!!!

    Sooo Awesome!!! BTW…with our new puppy I’ve been getting up between 5 & 6:30am each day for the past week! I must say…it was very difficult at first…but today..I kinda just jumped up! And ya know what? It was wonderful taking “Maple” our puppy for a nice quiet walk this morning. Loved the cool fresh Canadian air! Sooo Peaceful!
    Donna Stewart recently posted..5 Tips to Creating a Powerful Vision Statement

    • I KNOW….isn;t it crazy, but it DOES get easier !! I think a new puppy is a great motivator…and i LOVE the name “Maple” !!

  2. Love his point about training and preparing for a great day just like an athlete prepares. And yeah, better that I take a bite out of my day before everyone else gets a chance to!
    Thanks for sharing Robin’s video – he’s terrific! Have a very Happy New Year!

  3. Hey Michelle – thank you so much for the great post – nice to see you!! Robin Sharma is an amazing human being, and I watched that video. I HATE getting up early, but he KEEPS on telling me how important it is. I don’t sleep in all morning, I’m up by 8:30 but exercising first thing just makes me want to frown….LOL…..I’m going to try and get on that treadmill before I do anything else…I KNOW it’s important and like Robin says, if I do it…it will be come a habit…and a good one at that. I’ll keep you posted!!
    Micki Lessard recently posted..how to do your best work

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