Go FULL throttle !


I shared this at the end of our Leaders Network training tonight.  Whether in business or trying to lose weight, you have to go all out and give maximum effort up front, to reach your goals.  The idea is to think of an airplane taking off from the runway. I found this airplane analogy to help:

A pilot will give the jetliner the maximum thrust available, to get the plane up to speed and to lift off the ground.  Full throttle!  The jet will stay at maximum thrust until it climbs to a cruising altitude.  Once the jet reaches cruising speed and altitude, the pilot will back of the thrust.  The jet will then be flying faster, far faster than it was on the ground, and burning less fuel.  It’s now cruising.

On a flight that covers 1000 miles, a significant portion of the fuel will be burned in the first couple of miles, that point of maximum effort to get the plane up to speed, off the ground and up to altitude.

In business and in life we would be well served to emulate the jet.  Whatever endeavor you are undertaking, be sure to give it maximum effort up front.  Totally go for it in the beginning, to get the plane off the ground.  Once you are at a cruising altitude, you can afford to back off a little, and still produce great results.

Here is the reality though.  Most people do not EVER get their plane off the ground.  Most people give it 80-85% effort.  Imagine if the pilot gave the jet 80% throttle on the ground.  What would happen?  It would never take off.  You would be driving to your destination instead of flying.  It takes massive effort and energy to get the jet off the ground, then it becomes easy.

You have a choice in life.  You can go 100% for a relatively short period of time…..Maximize and concentrate your full efforts, until you get the plane off the ground. OR…you can go 80-85% forever.  It’s up to you !!  I say “GO FULL THROTTLE!

To your success~

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  1. Michelle, As a former airline pilot turned WAHM, I must say I always love using airplane analogies! It’s nice to know that what I learned as a pilot can be applied to other areas of my life outside of the cockpit. Thanks for the great reminder that I don’t want to be stuck on the ground… the joy of the experience begins when you set your throttles for take off!

    Heidi Hurd recently posted..What Red Flag

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