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6 thoughts on “Work with Me

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  4. Possibly looking to work from home, and earn nearly a full time income if possible no am currently a student, and looking for work from home options that aren’t too complicated and no start up investments.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    I like the 12 success factors about the mlm business you presented.
    It just make sense.
    I have questions.
    1. Which company is this?
    2. What is the startup cost?
    and what do I get? products? free website?
    3. Is there a monthly purchase requirement to qualify for commissions?
    4.Can you show the comp plan?
    Please tell me more…. full info for considerations.

    Thanks and I look forward.

  6. I have been looking for opportunity to earn extra income and if possible, make it a full time job. Bu all attempts have been unsuccessful. I am now looking for something more pragmatic and effective.

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