The 12 Success Factors – Why 95% of People Fail in Their Home Business

The 12 Success Factors are CRITICAL to building a real, lifetime, monthly residual income with a business at home!

Why do 95% of people trying to build a business at home fail?

Because they are trying to build a business that does NOT meet ALL of the 12 Success Factors!

I have yet to find an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or traditional business that even comes close.  Residual Income is income that comes in month after month, year after year, from something you did ONCE in the past. Continue reading

Awesome quote for today !!!

Robin SHarma shared an article today, about Mark Wahlberg….and I absolutely LOVED it !!!! One of the most powerful quotes from it reads….

We’re still in January. You have a fresh, stain-free year ahead of you. If you silence your Saboteur for a few seconds, the reality I need to share with you is that you can pretty much write a whole new script for a whole new way to work + live right now. Yes, you really are that powerful. The question isn’t “can you?”. Nope. The question is “will you?” (And if not this year – then which year?).

To read the entire article….go to…..The Mark Wahlberg Factor !

To your powerful-ness!!

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.; Leadership at it’s Best!

Leadership at it’s Best

To be a leader, you must have followers.

“He who thinks he leads,but has no followers,is only taking a walk.”~ I’m not sure who said that, but it’s certainly the truth. As we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. today…I encourage everyone to go back and listen to his original speech

Although he passed away the year that I was born….I am aware of his amazing leadership, activism and influence on our country and current life.

May we all strive to live each day, with a portion of his visionary leadership and
deep commitment to our passions and “dreams”.

Truly… Leadership at it’s best!