Awesome quote for today !!!

Robin SHarma shared an article today, about Mark Wahlberg….and I absolutely LOVED it !!!! One of the most powerful quotes from it reads….

We’re still in January. You have a fresh, stain-free year ahead of you. If you silence your Saboteur for a few seconds, the reality I need to share with you is that you can pretty much write a whole new script for a whole new way to work + live right now. Yes, you really are that powerful. The question isn’t “can you?”. Nope. The question is “will you?” (And if not this year – then which year?).

To read the entire article….go to…..The Mark Wahlberg Factor !

To your powerful-ness!!

2 thoughts on “Awesome quote for today !!!

  1. This is such a great quote! I love it too! SO many people Talk the Talk come New Years, but most don’t follow through and Walk the Walk. Always waiting for the ‘right time’, but that never seems to come for them. Those are the people who look back on their lives with “I coulda woulda shoulda…” I sure don’t want to be that person!
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