Amazing Video: Robin Sharma on “recession-proofing” your future !!

I was first introduced to Robin Sharma and his book, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari, over 10 years ago, by my great friend and business partner Donna Stewart.  Since then…I have read his books and followed his teachings, and find him to be one of the most insightful, smart, disciplined leaders out there.  There is no doubt about it….we are living in turbulent times, and I wanted to share a video he made about “bullet- proofing” or “recession-proofing” our businesses.  It is so SMART and  I was taking notes like a crazy woman! Hope you enjoy as much as I did !!!

( by the way….there are 2 more parts after this, that you can watch on Robin Sharma’s site )

To your success!

4 thoughts on “Amazing Video: Robin Sharma on “recession-proofing” your future !!

  1. Avoiding the trap of checking your email constantly is a great tip! Not checking it first thing in the morning is something I am going to try! Thanks Michelle, I always enjoy your posts!

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  3. What’s he saying makes a lot of sense. I especially like the first one–not racing to the bottom. You reduce your prices, you in turn reduce your worth and value. I blame this on the Walmart-ization of the world. Everybody thinks that cheaper price = better value. That’s not the case. Usually it’s the other way around. Cheaper prices mean poorer quality. That’s my two cents on the matter

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