10 Rules to Simplify your life and live with LESS stress !

Here’s something that’ll stop and make you think: 
Did you know that your stress is really your choice?  

I am not sure I always believed that, but I have come to the conclusion (as hard as it is to admit) that there
is truth in this.  The GOOD news? Is that if it is a choice….then we can CHOOSE not to have it !!
Many of us hurry through life going from one place to the next, focused on conquering the next mountain, making the next deal,
running the next errand, and believing we will never have enough time to do all the things we need to get done.
Yet, there is all the time in the world (we all the have the same amount, right?)  if we just realize we are the creators of this life we choose to live.

If you feel like your stress levels are off the charts…here are ten rules that provide an inspired road map to simplifing your life…and to choose less stress.

#1: Make sure to take 1 entire day, each week and de-plug.  Turn off electronics, and don’t talk/think about work, money, or your problems for ONE entire day.
#2: Get a planner, and USE it ! Take time on the weekend, to organize your week, and put everything in a time slot. (work, exercise, menus for the week, kid activities, appointments)
#3: Very simply, ‘don’t feel the need to answer so quick !’: let phone calls go to voicemail, take 1/2 hour per day per day to read open/read mail, and e-mails.
#4: Carve time out for yourself EACH day: Set aside 15 minutes in the morning, or whenever you can….to take a moment and do something small, that you enjoy.
#5: Learn to say ‘NO’ !: It’s ok to NOT be the room parent every semester….don’t volunteer for everything possible, and focus on your PRIORITIES.
#6: Get/use a support network:  Learn to delegate as well as ask others for help…you don’t have to do it all by yourself !
#7: Get out in nature (daily):  I know this sounds hokey to some…but there’s something about fresh air, and nature, that can clear your mind and release stress.
#8: LAUGH and find HUMOR: It is proven…that laughing produces endorphins which make us feel better.
#9: Eat right and Exercise !: We hear it all the time…but it’s TRUE! What we eat matters, and physical exercise is just about the best thing around to reduce stress.
#10: Make sure to sleep 7-8 hours every night !: Also obvious….but proven to help us repair our bodies and help our mind and mood for the following day !
Here’s to a “stress-free” week !!!

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